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~Willow Plunge~
Back in 1924, Claiborne Kinnard built Willow Plunge on a portion of his property just off Lewisburg Pike, near the entrance to what is now the Heath Place subdivision. Willow Plunge was originally built as one huge pool, holding 750,000-gallons of water and constructed with over 18,000 square feet of cement work. It remained that way until the summer of 1927, when a wall was built right down the middle of the original pool, dividing it into two equal parts.

The Review-Appeal had this description of the facility in 1924: “As far as is known, Franklin will have one of the largest pools in the South; water is conveyed in pipes 1,023 feet from a pure spring of crystal water; electric lights have been installed; through four-inch pipes 25,000 gallons of water is taken in every 24 hours, and the out-flow is at the same rate; 600 feet of seating space has been provided for spectators; parking space for cars and picnic grounds have been laid off; every precaution has been taken for safety; guards will always be on hand at swimming hours.”

In 1932, Willow Plunge was named one of the six best-equipped pools in the entire United States. By that time, additional features included: a tennis court, nine-hole golf course, and a miniature golf course. In those early years, it was always owned and operated by the Kinnard family. In later years, the Kinnards maintained ownership but brought in management personnel.

After serving the people all across Middle Tennessee for more than 40 years, Willow Plunge closed following the summer season of 1966. It was truly the end of a special era. 

*portions of this description were copied from the Williamson-Herald, "Willow Plunge made summer fun, memorable" by Hudson Alexander, posted 6/8/2006

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